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Wilson Hot Water has, for many years, been the leader in the manufacture of Dairy Water Heaters that have been designed specifically for use within the Dairy Industry. Wilson Dairy Water Heaters are designed to operate at temperatures between 94° C and 96° C, which also makes these vessels suitable for use in other commercial or industrial applications.

Wilson Dairy Water Heaters are manufactured in four flexible options; copper or stainless steel cylinders with a durable colorbond or stainless steel outer casing. Dairy Hot Water Heaters range in size from 315 litres to 2000 litres, and are designed to deliver approximately 180 litres per minute. All Wilson heaters are supplied with anodes to combat aggressive water supplies and a temperature indicator.

Wilson understands the need to combat carbon emmissions and also offers dairy farmers the option of solar hot water or heat pump to reduce emmissions and conserve energy costs. Both options can be retrofitted to existing Wilson Dairy Heaters.